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No New Posts   Maintenance of Posting Photo & Video Links

June 25, 2021


Dear Friends,

As Bernd30 in Germany wrote below 4 years ago, pictures links etc can be suddenly lost.  In the Lea De Mae main topic "Remember me", this was opened 16½ years ago on 10th December 2004, the day after lovely Lea (Andrea) passed away in Prague at the age of only 27 years.

571,782 viewings of this topic have been made since that day. I am sure that modest Lea would have been surprised at the affection shown by so many people in various countries - she cried when she heard that people wanted to send cash to help her in her medical situation.

I have a favour to ask of the Moderators who are still active to please check and maintain the main topics that I started for Silvia, Monica and Lea where there are a lot of photos videos links etc from time to time and make any corrections.   I have recently been through all 18 pages of the main Lea topic and made corrections or replaced non-working links wherever possible.  On some other sites, where links have been lost, you get blanks or similar and it doesn't look nice.   Where there are film clips, sometimes these get withdrawn but usually you can find a similar replacement one. If not, I have altered the posting to rectify this. 

I think that most of the photos & wallpapers/posters that I have displayed within various postings are not actually stored on sites like those mentioned by Bernd30 so should be OK as long as this site itself is still available on the Web, so it may be just a few future corrections/replacements will be needed here and there now and again in my absence.

I have also been through the 6 pages of the "Cool Silvia Wallpapers!!" topic started by Fira 15 years ago and which has received 221,645 viewings to date and it seems to be in good order.

Best wishes and Good health to all,

Vic June 25 2021.

Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: June 25th by Victorandss


No New Posts   April 2020 news

April 13, 2020

Hello from Prague,

I made Bernd30 as super-admin of this forum. You can see my work and support me on Patreon @ or other websites listed @

Stay safe! and enjoy this forum forever smile


Started By: martiner

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Last Post: Apr 14, 2020 by Bernd30


No New Posts   imagebam and imgbox will close down on June 30, 2017

June 15, 2017

Hi all,

as you may already know the two picture hosting sites and will close down on June 30, 2017, see and . For some forums this will be a terrible loss because they will get suddenly a gazillion of threads without pictures. For us here the effect will be less extreme because many of us posted their pictures directly into the forum or used hosters different from imagebam and imgbox. But still we would get some empty postings.

So my question is: What should we do in the next two weeks to cope with this problem? Should we do anything at all? Or should we simply let things go their way and take it as fate?

Of course I could try to write a bot to identify the concerning postings, then download the pictures (by hand) from imagebam/imgbox, re-upload them (by hand) elsewhere and correct the links to these new addresses. But this could become much work for a single person and I would like to evade this.

Please tell me what you think and what are your ideas to this subject. Particularly, if you have some experience in programming or if you know another method to avoid the cumbersome method sketched in the paragraph above. We are not the only ones with this problem, so maybe you know a viable solution from some other forum.


Started By: Bernd30

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Last Post: Aug 3, 2017 by Victorandss


No New Posts   Leaving the European Union on 23 June 2016?

June 21, 2016

Tomorrow 23 June 2016, we are voting whether to stay in or leave the European Union!


Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Jun 28, 2016 by Bernd30



March 23, 2015

This little boy stricken with brain cancer was at Hospital in Southampton, UK.  His parents heard about Proton Therapy in Prague, Czech Republic and were worried that the NHS Southampton Hospital was not using up to date treatment (causing less damage and side effects than conventional radiotherapy).  They wanted to take him to Prague for the best available treatment and the parents were prepared to sell their house in Spain to pay for the treatment (not covered by the NHS).

When the parents took their son out of the Hospital, the Southampton Hospital had the parents arrested when they were abroad and put into prison! (and were separated by the Police hundreds of miles away from their son)

There was a public uproar and eventually, a British Judge freed them and then the family were allowed to travel to Prague.  The Prague Proton Therapy Centre (PTC) offered to treat the little boy without charge and later, the NHS were shamed into finally offering to pay for Proton Beam Treatment.

In today's papers, it is reported that the cancer has been eliminated.  Obviously, time will tell, but had the little boy been left to UK doctors, one wonders if he would be as he is now, bearing in mind that radiotherapy can cause damaging side effects to healthy parts of the brain.

No New Posts   Silvia's Birthday today! 12 Feb 2015

February 12, 2015

Today is Silvia's Birthday!  (12 Feb 2015)

Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Feb 12, 2015 by Victorandss



September 15, 2010

Dear Members

As you may have noticed, we have lost hundreds of wallpapers and posters of Silvia and Lea!

I wrote to Martin to ask about this and it seems that all the files are gone.

This also affects Lea's own site (Chris).

I have the master files for most of the posters of Lea and Silvia and some of the wallpapers from Fira's topic.

It seems that I will have to replace them one by one, which will take some time.

Lea's section ("Remember Me" topic) is devastated and I will need to rebuild it. Martin is arranging some storage space so that I can start uploading each item and then transfer it one at a time to the relevant Forum topics.

Regards, Vic. 15 September '10.

Addendum:  The work has started. As I said, it will take me some time.

Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Dec 26, 2014 by Victorandss


No New Posts   Many Missing Postings

October 14, 2012

Dear Friends,

We seem to have lost hundreds of pictures/wallpapers of Silvia, Monica, Daniella and Lea!

I have written to Martin but have had no reply yet.  Please try to contact Martin at any new e-mail address that may be on the Web.  I think Martin created the "Glamshots" site but I am out of touch with it.

Thanks, Vic.



Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Oct 14, 2012 by Victorandss


Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Jul 7, 2012 by Victorandss


No New Posts   From the Web

July 1, 2012

- unfortunately, Lukas lost his next match in windy conditions on a smaller court.  Still, this was a very "magic moment" in the Czech player's career.


Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Jul 1, 2012 by Victorandss


No New Posts   Czech Tennis Player destroys Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon Championship

June 29, 2012

Yesterday, we witnessed Czech Tennis Player destroy Rafa Nadal at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in South-West London.

Haka inspires upstart Rosol to Nadal upset  (Source: Reuters)


No New Posts   Seventh Anniversary - 9th Dec 2011 - Lea (Andrea)

December 5, 2011

Dear Friends,

In 3 days time (9th December 2011), it will be seven years since Lea De Mae (Andrea) passed away.

Marek from Poland kindly visited Lea's graveside in Dablice recently with lovely flowers and Pavel from the Czech Republic is also visiting there to place a bouquet and wallpaper tribute to Lea (Andrea) there this coming Thursday 8th December.

If you would like to say a few words in memory of Lea, please add something in the Dablice topic in Lea's section.

Thanks and Best wishes to all for the forthcoming Xmastime,

Vic.  6th December 2011.

Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Dec 6, 2011 by Victorandss


No New Posts   Riots in London!

August 9, 2011

We've had shops and store buildings burnt out (including a 150 year family building in Croydon which had survived two World Wars!), people living above shops having to jump out of windows, television shops looted and emptied, cars smashed and set on fire and there's more trouble expected again tonight with an expected 16,000 police to be on the streets.

Have a look on the Web!   8 & 9 August 2011.

Started By: Victorandss

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Last Post: Aug 9, 2011 by Victorandss


No New Posts   Case &

August 4, 2011

Unfortunately I must say that this site and cashprogram, massive promoted on our last year, have been closed without any explanation and owners stolen our affiliates earnings - exactly more than $700. If you have any info or if you are also victim, please contact me!

Thanks, Tom

Started By: martiner

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Last Post: Aug 4, 2011 by martiner


No New Posts   Amy Winehouse RIP :((

July 23, 2011

Hi there,


it made me so sad today to hear about the death of Amy, she was so great :(



Started By: Metin

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Last Post: Jul 23, 2011 by Metin


No New Posts   Lea - The Sixth Anniversary in 5 days time (9th December 2010)

December 4, 2010

In 5 days time (9th December 2010), it will be the Sixth Anniversary since lovely Lea De Mae (Andrea) left this world after her brave fight for life.

Lea/Andrea's admirers have been kind enough to visit her last resting-place at the Dablice Cemetry to lay flowers and cards in memory of this "very sports girl" (as Lea described herself) who left us with many memories of her stay upon the Earth, which she made a brighter and more exciting place.

We are hoping to receive some more photos of the floral tributes left at Dablice this Winter soon from Pavel from Lea's own Site (created by Chris Danneffel).

Please see the topic at:

and also at Lea's own Site

NB. For the full width display of the "Old Forum 1" at Lea's Site, please use this URL below:

Best wishes, Victor(UK). 4th Dec '10.

No New Posts   New C.S.S. in the air!

October 23, 2010

Hello fans, Silvia's new site is online, with my photos and movies and other stuff from former CSS site here - please use only link below if you appreciate my work on these sets:

-- Edited by martiner on Saturday 23rd of October 2010 08:37:15 AM

Started By: martiner

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Last Post: Nov 13, 2010 by Metin


No New Posts   clubsilviasaint

May 28, 2010

what happened to all the silvia saint videos and pictures from this site. is there a site where I can download them ...thanks

Started By: ninuvit

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Last Post: May 28, 2010 by ninuvit


No New Posts   My personal site in the air!

January 11, 2010

I will add some SS photos in next update of course ... Now with best CZ girls :)

Started By: martiner

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Last Post: Jan 11, 2010 by martiner

No New Posts   New URL - important info

January 7, 2010

Hi forum fans,

please update your bookmarks for this forum to:

because addresses * will ends this weekend.



Started By: martiner

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Last Post: Jan 7, 2010 by martiner

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